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Premium Marine Liquid Collagen

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TriCollagen a dietary supplement with vitamins and sweeteners.

  • It contains fish collagen which is considered one of the most important proteins in the human body.
  • Collagen can be found in the skin, bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, muscles, teeth and gums, cornea, blood vessels, internal organs and tissues.

Only premium quality fish collagen is used in the production of TriCollagen, therefore the product does not have a smell or taste specific to fish.
Vitamin C assists in natural formation of collagen which is necessary to maintain healthy bones, cartilages and skin. Biotin plays an important role in maintaining normal hair and skin condition. Copper helps to retain the necessary hair and skin pigmentation. When coupled with Vitamin C, it also protects the cells against oxidation.

Benefits of TriCollagen

  • Tricollagen helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • Ascorbic acid helps to support normal formation of collagen which is necessary for healthy bones, cartilages and skin.
  • Biologically active substances protect the cells from oxidative damage, this way slowing down the ageing process, and ensure better formation of collagen.

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Official representative of FenoQ TriCollagen products for Bulgaria.

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